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Ok, so I have school in two weeks. Next week I have a terrible dilemma. I must choose between going to work or going to band practice. Firstly, it’s not like work work. There is money involved but this is my senior year of high school. My last year to play drums for my school. I don’t care what you say. When you live a life like mine, this is a big deal. This is all that I have to keep from going postal at school! Anyway, I have the decision to make as well as what I’m going to wear to my first full day back. Because everyone knows that the first half day back at school isn’t has important as the first full day. Although, at other schools I’ve heard that it’s the most defining moment of your school reputation. Am I the only one who is frightened by that? No? Ok thanks.

Well, it’s official. I’m working on too many books at the same time. I can’t focus on one of them to save my life. In addition to that, I still have one more thing to do before I go back to school. Wow, I’m getting thrown so many curve balls. Becoming an adult is stressful. I’m going to watch cartoons now. Peace out!

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