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Recently I’ve began working at the public library! Boring you say? NOOOOO!!!!! It is not boring. At least for a writer like me this is a dream job. I get to read books when I’m not sorting books or helping organize events. In addition to that it gives me time to organize my thoughts for stories that I come up with often. I was working on a book about a drug addict’s battle understanding her broken reality, but it seems that I have run into the dreaded writer’s block for that. However, I did come up with another idea and I will immediately start working on it. And I’ve decided that I’ll use this blog for help and inspiration. But this is what I have so far:

Plot: Four unlikey friends who meet each other.

There are other details but I’m working on them. But for now that’s all I have. Like their personalities are all pretty much established except for one guy. I guess I’ll talk about him later. Anyways I gotta jet to work! Peace out Duckies!

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