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I’m Awesome!

No you’re not. Dude don’t lie. I’m awesome! I’m driving around in my mom’s ride. I’m awesome! A quarter of my life gone by, and I met all my friends online. Mothertrucker, I’m awesome!

Ok, no more lyrics.  By the way that little bit was from Spose if you didn’t know. But this is how I feel at the moment. I feel like I’m awesome. Within twenty seconds I went from lazy teenager to responsible young adult. Which isn’t all that hard when you have a mother who is your mom one minute and a little kid the next. Regardless, I feel soooo powerful right now that it’s intoxicating. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to write today but I feel so awesome I don’t care right now. Such confidence is reserved for days meant to be crappy. I mean today almost turned crappy until a thought popped into my head. Actually this songs: Just for the record, Homestuck has nothing to do with this song I just love them both. That’s all for now. Peace out! Be awesome.

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