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Hey people who read this! It’s me your object of obsession or interest. I’m here to tell you that I live in Louisiana and as many of you know Louisiana is being, excuse my term of usage, slowly raped by Hurricane Isaac. Fortunately, I do not live farther south in Louisiana. This means that right now Isaac isn’t directly affecting me. However, it also means that I am in a projected path of the hurricane. Already the clouds are dark and the wind is getting stronger. Currently, I am at home typing out all this stuff so you will know what may happen to me and what I’m praying to God won’t happen. So, in short I’m saying that I may not be able to post anything for a couple days if my power goes out.

In other news, anyone who has read the first part of Rain, I love you. Thanks so much for reading it. That’s just awesome. As for those of you who have not read it…. WHY YOU NO READ IT? It may not be long but it really is just an introduction and I wrote it out on paper first. On paper one full or near full page turns into a small block on the computer. Anyway, I will update the story tentatively every Friday. However, I am not completely promising that. I have school Monday through Friday because I’m still in high school. In addition to that I am in several clubs and participate in my school’s band. Right now, football season is starting up and we play at every varsity game. This Friday I will officially update the story with Part 2 if I can, but as I’m trying to make clear I’m not making any promises. Good luck with Hurricane Isaac any Louisianians who are reading this. To those of you who are from other areas affected by it, good luck to you too. As for the rest of you, you may continue life, and for those who are religious keep us in your prayers.

Peace out!

Another Awesome Work Day

Ok, I don’t know if you know, but I work at the library. Today we had an event where you come in fill out a paper slip, read, write the number of pages you read on the slip, and turn it in. It was awesome! Not a lot of people came in but those who did come actually read many pages of the book that they chose (Myself included). Mainly, children and adults came. I was the only teen who read and entered my slip in that day (and I work there!). I found it sad that not a single teenager was there.Besides if not read for your brain, read for the free food! At the event you got a free hot dog just for reading at least one page! Seriously that is sad. Anyway, I had loads of fun and obtained a bagful of goodies just for reading 78 pages of Steampunk Poe. By the way that is the best book of Poe collections that I’ve read so far. It has many poems and some stories by Edgar Allen Poe, but what makes it even more awesome is that it has Steampunk themed illustrations. My fave illustration is from The Fall of the House of Usher. Seriously, check it out!

In other news, I’ve been inspired by my pretend husbands William Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe to write a story of two crossed lovers who come from troubled homes and how they cope with their problems. The major themes of this story are Love and death, but also include a light mention of homosexuality, prejudice, and drugs. I would love to tell you more about it, but I’m still coming up with ideas. I think I’ll post the very first chapter’s draft on tumblr. If not here, I’ll post it on wordpress. Either way it doesn’t matter. You’ll know if you come here. Peace out <3

I’m Awesome!

No you’re not. Dude don’t lie. I’m awesome! I’m driving around in my mom’s ride. I’m awesome! A quarter of my life gone by, and I met all my friends online. Mothertrucker, I’m awesome!

Ok, no more lyrics.  By the way that little bit was from Spose if you didn’t know. But this is how I feel at the moment. I feel like I’m awesome. Within twenty seconds I went from lazy teenager to responsible young adult. Which isn’t all that hard when you have a mother who is your mom one minute and a little kid the next. Regardless, I feel soooo powerful right now that it’s intoxicating. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to write today but I feel so awesome I don’t care right now. Such confidence is reserved for days meant to be crappy. I mean today almost turned crappy until a thought popped into my head. Actually this songs: Just for the record, Homestuck has nothing to do with this song I just love them both. That’s all for now. Peace out! Be awesome.

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