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I’m attempting to promote

Hey there, it’s me again and I’d hate to bother you, but I would like to show you something. And before you close your browser, page, or whatever, it’s nothing rated R. It’s just a link to my Youtube Channel. So far I have three videos, but I’d appreciate it if you’d look at one or two of them and enjoy a laugh. If you think I have any potential at all, click that subscribe button. If you don’t then a Like is always appreciated in the case that I made you giggle.

Now that I’m done trying to promote my video, I will now tell you that I am setting a schedule for my Tumblr. I will now post something every two weeks. “Why every two?” you ask. Well, you see my dear reader, I am a college student who recently began to pursue various hobbies and a dream. Between my writing short stories and (possible) books, recording videos, working on RPG Maker, college affair, home affairs, and my budding new social life, I have little time to stare at the wall. By posting every two weeks on Tumblr, every week on my Wordpress blog, and every Saturday on Youtube, I create some time for things and stuff. Also if you didn’t know, (I doubt anyone did) I usually post Youtube vids on Saturdays, but I’ve been busy and decided to post one today. I’ve also decided that for now on, if I post a vid and it’s not Saturday that I will tweet about posting it. That way, anyone interested in it can keep track of it.

Thanks for listening! I have work to do.

New Video

Hey there! Once again making a return for the third or fourth time it’s the fabulous Merry Knives! And I’m here to tell you about Homestuck. Just kidding. I will discuss Homestuck in a later post. This post is about a video that I recently posted on Youtube. I will completely be honest with you. It’s my very first video. I had to do it on my laptop because well that’s all I got, and the mic quality isn’t very good, but I can guarantee a couple giggles. I already have a game in mind for another one but I would love to hear from any passing stranger a game that I can play for your viewing pleasure. However, it would help me if the game that you suggest is a PC game and free. It doesn’t have to be free, but if it is, it guarantees that I will have fewer excuses to not play it. Also, I’m trying to avoid horror games, but according to a friend of mine, I have an affinity for them. Anyway, if you would like to watch that video click this link or visit my channel which I will add to my little box of links. If it’s not up yet either something grabbed me while I was trying to put it up or you’re a really fast reader.

Guess who’s back. Back again. Tell a friend.

Hey there! Look who’s back and ready to spout more nonsense! The fallible, mortal, mentally unstable Merry “I love pie” Knives. -Insert applause here- As for those of you who were hoping I’d never post another thing ever again you may thank an anonymous person for reminding me that “Oh my sweet baby monkey! I have a tumblr!” To be honest with you, I haven’t been busy. I’ve been working on high school. In fact I graduated in May.


Anyway, since then I’ve been working on getting my license and getting a job. However, I’ve failed to get both currently. But I promise that I’ll have both by the time I start college. By the way, I’m going to college! I’m doing it for the convenience and a place to stay. (Just kidding, I want a higher education.) The bonus is that there’s a Starbucks, and you probably didn’t know this but before my senior year of high school I didn’t enjoy drinking coffee. But during senior year it became my favorite place in the world, but I can’t go there. (Too expensive, but I’m still going to go there when I get cash!)

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble. So let’s make this quick. Any Homestuck fans listening? No? I don’t care I’m going to keep talking. As many of you may know, we are nearing the end of Homestuck, but don’t fret. Why? Because!  There are people like me out there. What? Why should that make you fret less? Because we’re fanstuck. I’m still haunting Trollian and working on a Homstuck fanfic that takes place in a universe where the trolls we know and love exist, but they’re not the main characters. My cast is, of course, based off of the original trolls but have different motivations and character traits than the 12 we know and love. So please ask me about it or ask about it in general. Also, I’m working on becoming more organized and posting more things to DA. In addition to that, I’m not only working on making a couple games with RPG Maker VX Ace and releasing them to you the public, I’m also working on starting my own let’s play/ vlog channel on youtube! So, yeah, I’m getting a little bit busy not busy at the same time.

Why not busy? Well, before I start doing let’s plays I should probably get a decent mic and establish a  place in my current house where I can record games and not have have much interference. You see, I live in the South and it’s summer. That means that it’s hotter than a jalapeno covered in red hot chili pepper salsa most days and the A/C is on most of the time. Currently, I only have awesome headphones and my standard  computer mic. It’s fine, but I’m worried that the sound quality will be especially awful since sometimes youtube is super mean. In addition to that, I’ve just been lazy and working on games in RPG Maker take a lot of energy, time, and concentration. I’m indecisive with a short attention span. Whenever, I get on RPG Maker, the most work I can get done is usually an hour’s amount of work and sometimes that’s not a lot.

Moving out of that cloud because I feel like I’ve been talking for waaaaaay too long, expect all these things from me in the future. Hopefully, I can get someone to get me a mic for my birthday which is in about 4 days. Rue 21 remembered. I love Rue 21. Anyway! Peace out!

Looking back at my short life I’ve realized that I’ve accomplished so little yet so much. By this I mean, I’ve been such a responsible upstanding young citizen, but honestly I think if I could do it again I’d shoot the person who would offer me to go through it again. No regrets no matter how many regrets I actually have, I will never truly want to go back and change anything. Nope, not gonna happen.


Hello Stalkers! I love you. : ) Jk. Anyway~ What’s up! I know, I’m lazy and I never post anything. Blah blah blah. Ok, so I’m perfectly aware that most likely I’m talking to myself which is fine. I’ve learned that it’s the best way to prove to people that they should keep an eye on you. It’s also a good way to get people to talk to you, which I’ve actually been accomplishing. Guess what stalkers! I gots me some talking buddies! I know! I thought they were imaginary at first too, but then I gave them hugs. Anyway, lately I’ve not been posting anything mainly because I’m  lazy and well I’m a teenage girl with mood swings that would scare King Kong. I’ve been all emotional and it’s f***in’ depressing. I know it sounds weird but being an emotional girl sucks. And any guy who is currently reading this and saying all girls are emotional, I say wait until you mean a manipulative woman. She’s not emotional. She’s a cold hearted-  Hey I love chocolate!

In other news I suck at transitions~ Also I’m being very informal in this post. Someone would probably think less of me for it but I’m fine with that. I’m also still considering making videos for youtube. However, like I said, I’m talking to myself here. At least I think I am. Are you stalkers really there? Ok, I’ll just count that as me answering myself. Anyway, I’m really considering it, although I’m not looking forward to learning about editing my own video. Especially since windows media doesn’t use timeline anymore. It was already tricky for me and now they changed it! Sooooo unfair. But that’s life. Also, I’m working on yet another scholarship for college. To be perfectly honest, I have so much time to waste, but my problem is that I have so much more that I want to do.

For instance, I want to begin promoting myself as a writer and a blogger. You know, instead of ranting to myself here, actually having people read this and respond. I also want to finish a book in the very least and be recognized for some of my poetry and short stories. I want to entertain people and be ok at it and maybe on a good day mediocre. If I can get at least one stranger to support me, I’d be absolutely ecstatic! But I’m stuck in a stagnant place of depression and anger. Dammit I’m being emotional! Let’s just get this over with. I’m pleading for help. I want tips on what to do. Helpful tips at that. Also, I get it! I’m rambling. Don’t you badger me! Anyway, I think I’ll get back to doing high school things. Thank God I’m almost done with it. God knows that I want to leave already. Fortunately, I’m already accepted to a good university provided that I finish my senior year. I also got a 23 on my ACT. I know, I know. I should’ve taken it again, but it gives me awful anxiety.

Anyway, I’ll end this rant for now. Paz fuera.

Oh and I’m switching back to saying Peace out. It just makes me feel more mellow. And I’m definitely considering making a youtube video. I just have too little ideas other than making the video. If anyone of you three people have something to say to me about an idea. Holler! Or whisper. I don’t discriminate. I educate and eliminate. What? *insert creepy face* Byyyyyyyyye~

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